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Dolmeh (Stuffed Grape leaves) $5.99
Hummus (Garbanzo Bean Dip) $4.99
Kaske Bademjan(Eggplant Dip) $5.99


Kabob Sandwich Chicken or Beef $4.99  or Gyros $5.99
(Meat Lovers)
Falafel Sandwich or KooKoo $4.99
(Vegi sandwiches)

Kabob Menu

Beef (Ground ) 2 Skewers $11.99*
Chicken (With bones) $14.99 or (Without Bones) 1 Skewer $12.99*
Royal Kabob (Beef Round all natural no preservatives) 1 Skewer $16.99*
Combination of Two (Ground Beef with Royal or Chicken) $18.99*
Combination of all three (Beef, Royal and chicken) $29.99*
Quail Kabob (2 Pieces) 1 Skewer $16.99*
Super Barg (Upper back part of the roast)19.99*

*Choose Bread or Rice with your meal

Soup & Salad

Aash (Vegetable and Bean Soup)$5.99or Spicy chiken noodle soup $5.99

Shirazi ( Persian Cucumber and Tomato Salad )$4.99
Mast-O-Khiar (Persian Cucumber and Yogurt )$4.99
Garden Salad with house dressing $4.99


Dough (Yogurt Soda) $2.50
Sherbet ( Water and Herbal Essences) $2.99

Pomegranet Juice $4.99
Soda Can $1.49

Tea Pot $5.00 Glass $1.50
Sahleb $2.99 


Persian Ice Cream(Saffron & Pistachios) $4.99
Frozen Noodles(Faloodeh) $4.99
Baklava (3Pieces) $4.99 

FREE DELIVERY within two miles. $10 minimum order.

More Items available on the menu. Just ask us if you call Tel: 303-871-8000